Team of Broadfield Enterprizes Uganda Limited

With over 25years experience in Permaculture in both Africa and Europe Jones under Sector 39 provides advice and consultancy to BEU.

Mr.Mugarura Charles

Is a young social entrepreneur & Global Citizen Ambassador experienced graduate in permaculture (Since 2008) from Blue Permaculture Institute of Australia (2010) and a computer Science in Business Diploma Holder from Makerere University Business School.

Mr. Dan Lovie

Dan an experienced Legal consultant based in the United States of America Boston who doubles as the Chairman of board due to his vast knowledge in leadership and Business Law.

Mr. Bukenya Peter

He is a Permaculture Advocate and multi-lingual with renowned portfolio in bio-gas production and Civil Engineering in Uganda.

Commonly known as Emma, he is a professional brand & service designer, Motivational speaker and entrepreneur who boosts a 4years experience in Marketing and management accumulated while working with a number of Multi-national companies.

Kayodi Mercy Melody

She is a smart and soft spoken entrepreneur whose organizational skills are doubtfully tried and tested which is evident with the multiple number of projects successes she has have achieved.